Registered Physiotherapist
About Natasha

Natasha is a registered physiotherapist and carries her previous experience of working with an Orthopedic surgeon internationally and has completed many post graduate courses related to this area of practice. Natasha enjoys working in the field of Orthopedics and Vestibular rehabilitation. Vestibular Rehabilitation is another area, wherein she treats patients suffering from dizziness/vertigo related to inner ear. She has experience treating a wide variety of population with sports injuries, wear and tear injuries, pre and post surgical total hip and knee replacements. Additions to her tool box have been, taping, Acupuncture for treating patients with musculoskeletal injuries to help with better healing. She enjoys educating herself in her free time and has done a few advanced courses to develop her skills.

She specialize in the field of

  • orthopedics
  • vestibular Rehab – vertigo /Dizziness
  • Acupuncture
  • Osteoporosis

She has also done Advanced manual therapy techniques to improve joint mobility, strengthening muscles, Neuro Developmental techniques(part-1) for management of patients with stroke and other neuromotor disorders.